The "Appbox" Bot

Appbox Helpbot, an Automated and (not so) Intuitive response Bot, with a Hello and Good Morning Responses flare.

While the bot is maintained by the admins (as in updating the bot on the chat server) any user can assist and help maintain the bot. The bot is hosted on npm ( and the code is available on GitHub (

Any user can submit update via a pull request on Git and once review and accepted by an admin or moderator it will be implemented on the chat server. The reason for this is the bot is coded in strict CoffeeScript code and must pass validation checks before it will execute on the chat server.

Support with validating your CoffeeScript can be found here ( What I do is code it JavaScript and then convert to CoffeeScript, it makes it a bit easier.


Command are not user level restricted, however if this is abused then it will be, (please don’t abuse it, the code needed to restrict to user level is not easy to implement and the admins will kill me)

KB = Knowledgebase Articles (Add users name to end of command to tag them in response, Articles need to exist and the command needs to be added for this to work. It’s more a quick link command and not intended to be full support commands)

Example:  KB Slow speeds

Response: Before you open a ticket or complain something is broken read this:

Example: KB Slow speeds Zycore

Response: @zycore Before you open a ticket or complain something is broken read this:


App or App User = app "appname"

Example:  App rutorrent

Response: ruTorrent is a web front-end for rtorrent. V3.8-16 Requires 1 app slot:


APPCAT = appcat "category"

Example:  appcat torrent

Response: this will give a list of all apps in the category associated with torrents


TS = Troubleshooting Basics (Currently this only has 2 commands, as this is the most common set of questions)

ts ftp & ts rutorrent, each give a very quick basic 4-point self help guide to try and resolve the issue.


CL = Change Log for Updated Apps (This is depreciated and will soon be remove)


The bot also has a range of Chat triggers coded in Regex, this is its core and main function, while they can look confusing there is a really neat tool to help create valid Regex expression and test them before implementation (

An Example being when a user says “Raise a Ticket”, or a variation accepted in the Regex Expression ( /((raise).*ticket) ?(@?)(.*\b)/i ) the bot will respond with the information on how to do this.


ZyC0R3/Zycore (Chat Moderator and Bot Creator)
Rid (Appbox Admin and co-owner & Bot Moderator)

User Submitted - Zycore

We've setup a chat system on one of our AppBoxes so you can get status updates and hangout with other users and ourselves, feel free to ask anything and maybe the community will be able to provide further support.

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