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So, i want to download files in ruTorernt and have them moved to a directory so plex can see them. 

There are various ways this can be done, the most secure, reliable and allows for the removal of the rutorrent Application is:

This option needs no changing of settings nor any modification and will allow you to do exactly what you want, It relies on the AutoTools Function and uses the torrent client store the completed downloads in /storage, below are instruction on how to do this in ruTorrent

First you need to load you insatll of ruTorrent and go to settings, Detailed instruction on the use of rutorrent can be found here.

Once in settings go to AutoTools,


Once here set the AutoMove function to move the completed downloads to the Storage Location, this ensures that the files are in a location that will not be deleted or edited if the applciation should be removed. 
The path for this is /torrents/home/storage/"yourfolderhere"

Tip, for more manageable file structures, make a library for TV, Movies, Music ect. 

Once this has been set, the next set is configuring the watch folder in plex, for install instruction refer to this guide.
Open plex and click on the Add new Library Button on the Left hand Menu


Next select the Media type you are adding, 


Then Click next, Now navigate to the Media location, the same as you have selected above in ruTorrent

Media Add

Finish off the create of the library and plex will do the rest.

Now you are all set, once you have added torrents to your client they will download and plex will update on change detection to the folder and you are all done. 

User Submitted - Zycore

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