Review and Alternative : Why is Better! Review and Alternative : Why is Better!

Using a seedbox has slowly become popular around the world as it is quite easy and convenient to use and takes care of all your download and upload needs. There are several seedbox providers also available in the market but not all of them are good and a few of them lack the most basic features and facilities too. and are two popular seedbox providers that cater to the needs of a large clientele and have a lot to offer. But which one is better of the two?

Today, we will be comparing two of the best seedbox providers – and The Seedbox Company. In this article, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of both these seedbox providers so that you can choose the right seedbox provider for your seedbox needs.

The Seedbox Company vs.

Both and The Seedbox Company are amazing seedbox hosting providers and offer a lot of amazing features. Here are a few important things to consider when you are confused between these two seedbox providers:

Client Support

One of the most important things to consider when choosing between seedbox providers is the quality of client support that they offer. and The Seedbox Company both offer good customer support and use the ticket method to resolve their client’s queries and problems.

And while the support is fast in both seedbox providers, it is slightly better at The Seedbox Company as their support is not only prompt but helpful and reliable too. The same cannot be said for as the support is not very friendly or professional here.

Yes, both of them are likely to resolve your issues but The Seedbox Company will be more friendly and understanding when you contact them through the tickets.

Choice of Hosting Plans

Another important criterion to consider is the number of hosting plan packages offered by the seedbox provider and how easy it is to choose.

On one hand, offers a large number of packages but the process of choosing it very complex. You have three main plans – Premium slots, SSD slots, and VPS slots, on which you can further add features and functions to make a package for yourself. However, the entire process of adding features is a little complicated and the end bill can become a little hefty.

This is definitely not the case with the Seedbox Company that offers 4 fixed packages that actually cater to all your needs. offers storage space between 200 GB and 3600 GB so, you can easily find a solution for yourself. So, whether you need a lot of storage space for regular downloads or need lesser storage space for irregular downloads, has an apt plan for you.

On the other hand, the Seedbox Company offers storage space between 1 TB and 4TB and you don’t have a lot of choices, especially if you don’t require a lot of space. However, since the most basic package offers 1 TB storage, you don’t have to worry about running out of space and will not need to upgrade to a higher plan if you are using the seedbox less frequently.

Connection Speed

In terms of the interface, doesn’t do well at all with its 1000 Mbps Internet speed on the most basic package. That’s not all, even the highest package on their server offers only 1 GBps Internet speed which is frankly abysmal as so many other seedbox providers 10 times the speed offered here.

The Seedbox Company offers a much better connection speed at 1 Gbps upload and 10 Gbps download. Plus, this connection speed is constant for all the packages so, you don’t have to pay more for a faster connection.

Apps that Can be Installed

Another drawback of is that you can download the Plex app only on the Plex servers and not the Premium or other slots. This is a huge bummer as you have to pay more for the Plex servers. However, the Seedbox company doesn’t have any such restrictions and allows the user to download apps such as Plex, WordPress, ruTorrent, etc. on all the hosting plans.

The only limitation with the Seedbox company is that the number of apps that you can install in your seedbox depends on the plan. With a basic plan, you are still able to install 10 apps while the highest plan allows you to install 40 apps at a time.

Speed of Installation and Server Availability

Now, if we talk about the process of setting up, then both the seedbox providers are quick in setting up a seedbox for you. And they have 24*7 server uptime so you can access your seedbox whenever you want. They also offer unlimited bandwidth and have a money-back policy as well.

While offers a 14-day return policy, The Seedbox Company offers an only a 7-day return policy. But one major advantage of the Seedbox Company is that it allows users to complete access to set up the seedbox by providing them SSH access. So, for advanced users, this is a great option.

Security and Anonymity

Both and The Seedbox Company offer VPN services to maintain your security and anonymity. So, there is not much to compare here as you will get security with both the service providers.

Price of the Seedbox

Finally, regarding the price of the seedbox plans, does have cheaper base plans. However, if you are looking for more features and storage, the price will easily increase and can sometimes become more expensive than The Seedbox Company hosting plans.

One of the best things about the Seedbox Company is that it offers fixed prices with no modifications allowed. So, you pay what you see. Plus, you can get discounts if you choose a payment plan such as 3-months, 6-months, or 12-months. This option is not available in which is why it is not a better choice for most customers.

Our Verdict

So, which one is a better seedbox provider?

Well, if you are an advanced user or if you require better connections speed and high storage space then The Seedbox Company is the perfect choice for you. With this seedbox, you can stream media or download torrents quite easily and effectively. That’s not all, you can install a range of software as well on this seedbox. is only a good choice for beginners who need less storage space and are using for just torrenting purposes. However, the poor connection speed is likely to screw up your tracker ratio so we wouldn’t recommend this option.