Rapidseedbox Review and Alternative : Why Seedboxco.net is Better!

Rapidseedbox Review and Alternative : Why Seedboxco.net is Better!

There are a lot of amazing seedbox hosting providers available nowadays that not only offer amazing Internet connection speed but a lot of amazing features as well. Most of you must have heard about Rapidseedbox and the Seedbox company as these have been here for a while now and offer amazing services to the users.

Are you confused between these two seedbox providers?

Well, not to worry because we have the perfect solution for you. In this article, we compare both these seedbox providers and their services so that you can choose the right option for you.

The Seedbox Company vs. Rapidseedbox

Although both these seedbox providers are amazing and considered in the top 10 seedbox providers, there is one that fares better. Take a look at the below services and factors to determine which seedbox provider is a better choice for you:

Client Support

In terms of client support, Rapidseedbox takes the crown because it offers an online chat service while the Seedbox Company offers only a ticketing system. So, while both seedbox providers offer 24*7 customer support, Rapidseedbox is a tad bit better as the support responds in a couple of minutes on the chat.

On the other hand, you will have to wait for some time before you hear from the support at the Seedbox Company. However, this is not such a deal-breaker because the Seedbox Company offers a user community that can help you with solutions for more queries.

Choice of Hosting Plans

The next thing to consider is the number of hosting plans provided by each seedbox provider. In this criterion, both the seedbox providers perform the same as they offer the same number of plans, i.e., 5.

Rapidseedbox offers you different plans with different storage space, bandwidth, and connection speed. So, you have the option to choose storage between 512 GB and 5.6 TB with this seedbox provider.

On the other hand, the Seedbox Company offers you different storage space and a number of apps that you can install on your seedbox. It offers a constant bandwidth and Internet connection to all the users so, you don’t have to pay more for better speed or increased bandwidth. And most importantly, you have the storage choice between 1 TB and 4 TB which is usually enough for the majority of users.

On important thing to note is that since the Seedbox Company is designed for advanced users too, you will get SSH access on all the hosting plans. This is not true for Rapidseedbox which offers root access on all the hosting plans except for the Brisk plan.

Connection Speed

As mentioned earlier, Rapidseedbox offers different Internet connection speeds in different seedbox hosting plans. The base packages offer 1 Gbps connection speed while the higher packages offer 10 Gbps speed which is great.

However, with the Seedbox Company, you get 1 Gbps upload speed and 10 Gbps download speed in all the plans. So, you don’t have to pay more for Internet speed.

Apps that Can be Installed

You will find that Rapidseedbox offers different RAM in different packages. So, the more RAM you have, the more apps can be installed and used. However, to run apps such as Plex, you will need to buy the Stream or a higher package. This is definitely not the case with the Seedbox Company as all the plans here support the installation of the apps such as Plex, WordPress, etc.

With the Seedbox Company, you don’t have restrictions on which app you can install on your seedbox but there is a limit on the number of apps that can be installed. The most basic package offers 10 app slots while the best package offers 40 app slots. Ideally, the basic package works fine for most users and you won’t need more app slots unless you are extensively using the seedbox.

Speed of Installation and Server Availability

In terms of speed and server uptime, both seedbox providers are good and offer quick installation with 24*7 uptime. The only difference is that the bandwidth at Rapidseedbox increases with the hosting plan option. The basic plan, Brisk. offers 2 TB traffic while the best plan, Furious, offers 25 TB traffic.

On the other hand, the Seedbox Company offers unlimited bandwidth on all the plans. So, you can perform unlimited downloads and uploads.

One more thing to note is that Rapidseedbox offers 14-day money-back policy while the Seedbox Company offers 7-day money-back policy.  

Security and Anonymity

Another important factor to consider is the security offered by both the seedbox providers. Well, not to worry because both the services offer VPN services on all the hosting plans so you can access your data securely and anonymously through your device.

Price of the Seedbox

Finally, let’s compare the prices of the seedbox plans offered by the two seedbox providers. Well, there is no doubt that Rapidseedbox is more expensive than The Seedbox Company. Although both of the seedbox hosting providers have the base plan at the same price, the Seedbox Company offers more features and storage space in the base plan than Rapidseedbox.

That’s not all, Rapidseedbox has the best package priced at 55 Euro per month while the best package at The Seedbox Company costs just 37.45 Euro per month. Also, if you compare the Rapid hosting plan in RapidSeedbox and the AB-3000 plan in The Seedbox Company, you will find that similar features cost 30 Euros for the former and 28.45 Euros for the latter.

So, in terms of the seedbox price, there is no doubt that Rapidseedbox is unnecessarily expensive.

Our Verdict

Well, it is clear that The Seedbox Company is a better and cheaper solution compared to Rapidseedbox. With Seedbox Company, you get an amazing internet connection, huge storage space, and unlimited bandwidth for a reasonable price. Also, you can install applications on all the hosting plans and don’t need a dedicated RAM or server for it.

Rapidseedbox is only good for users who require lesser storage space than 1 TB and don’t mind a slow internet connection.