Switch from ruTorrent to Deluge

Our deluge app is able to outperform ruTorrent, Transmission & Flood by a significant amount due to the way those applications cache data. We have seen significant speed increases when switching from one to Deluge.

In order to switch to Deluge you will need to perform the following steps.

Step 1:
Login to ruTorrent and stop all torrents currently running by highlighting them and clicking the stop button at the top of the page.

Step 2:
Install Deluge via the App Store & confirm you are able to login to Deluge.

Step 3:
Once the installation is completed login using FTP (You may need to install the Pure-FTPd App if you haven't already).

Step 4:
This guide is based on FileZilla but other FTP Clients can be used.

Step 5 [See below video]:
Move your torrent data from the /apps/rutorrent.username.seedboxes.co/torrents/completed directory to /apps/deluge.username.seedboxes.co/torrents/downloading directory.

Step 6 [See below video]:
Move your .torrent files from the /apps/rutorrent.username.seedboxes.co/torrents/config/rtorrent/session directory to /apps/deluge.username.seedboxes.co/torrents/watch directory.

Step 7:
Uninstall ruTorrent to prevent duplicate downloads.

Step 8:
Login to deluge, your torrents should now be 'Checking' and seeding again from Deluge.

Other relevant guides

Using RSS Feeds within Deluge: 

AutoDL-IRSSI is a plugin for ruTorrent, however using our watch folder in deluge you can download the torrents directly to deluge using ruTorrent, Heres a very quick and simple video on how to do this: