SmartFTP Pro: Windows

Segmented Downloading

In SmartFTP (Pro), there’s a feature that allows for segmented downloading, although you’ll need to do this per each transfer (there are no options to enable it for global transfers in the program settings). For this, we recommend you use CuteFTP since users are able to highlight multiple files/folders and select multi-part downloads (for all of them at once), whereas you can’t in SmartFTP. But we’ll explain how it works in SmartFTP:

Once connected to your FTP, add a file to the Transfer Queue, but do not start the job. Where it says Workers 1 - change this to a value of 10. Next, right-click on the file and select Properties.

Click on the last tab "Advanced" and put a check in the box "Enable" for Multi Part Transfers. As well, change the number of workers to 10. Click OK to finish.

Start the transfer. If, by accident, the transfer was already running when you changed the properties, you’ll need to stop and restart it.

User Submitted - Zycore 

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