Setting up a Public_html Folder

This guide is or basic support with setting up a Public_html folder on you seedbox

You will need 3 things before you get started.
1) An FTP/SSH Program installed on your local computer
2) Nginx & PHP7 or Lamp Stack *or any webserver offered in the app store.
3) Pure-FTPd insatlled on seedbox

Once you have all this done, technically that is it. but see below for screenshots

Now you have installed a Web Server App you will see this located on your dashboard, along with the link to access the public_html folder

Public Link

To add files to this app you will need to navigate the new publi_html folder created for you via FTP or what ever method of file management you are using.

Next navigate to app/www."username"

Any files you place in this folder will then show in when you go to www."username"


User Submitted - Zycore

We've setup a chat system on one of our seedboxes so you can get status updates and hangout with other users and ourselves, feel free to ask anything and maybe the community will be able to provide further support.

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