Installing Plex on your Seedbox

How to Configure and Install Plex on your Seedbox

Installing and Configuring Your app is as easy as 1 2 3 ... 

1: Located the app you want to install from the Appstore (Installing an App)

2: Click "Get" to Install the application (Plex - App Store)

Plex Page

3: Configure the App for your Use and Click 'Submit' - Done

Plex Config`

Configuration Support:

Subdomain: This is the begining part of the URL you will use to access the application after installation
Domain: This is the end of the URL you will use to access the application after installation
seedbox: If you have more than one seedbox you can select the seedbox for targeted installation 
Claim URL:  />Claim Code: When Clicking on the above link a claim code will be given to the user (Example Below), Enter it here. (Ensure you are logged in to the correct Plex Account)

IMPORTANT: Click the 'COPY TO CLIPBOARD' button and paste the result here.
DO NOT copy the claim code text directly from Plex as it will not work!

Claim Page

The setup is now completed. The automated installer should have created 3 default libraries for you. You can create as many other libraries as you want of course.

User Submitted - Zycore

We've setup a chat system on one of our seedboxes so you can get status updates and hangout with other users and ourselves, feel free to ask anything and maybe the community will be able to provide further support.

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