By default, Lamp server is not configured to read .htaccess files so for example, you cannot use url rewriting

But the installation allows to you to include config files to overwrite the apache base configuration.

The files have to uploaded in /apps/ directory.

Example of file to read .htaccess and some other options httpd.conf

1 - 
2 - Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
3 - AllowOverride All
4 - Require all granted
5 - 

1.    Indicates the directory on the server, on our case it is

2.    Indexes means a directory can be show as list if it contains no index.php or index.html page.
FollowSymLinks means if a directory is a symbolic link, the link must be followed (usefull for url rewriting).

3.    AllowOverride directive is used to allow the use of .htaccess

4.    Require all granted allows everybody to access directory

5.    Closes

Create this file in notepad and rename it to httpd.conf, then upload it to the /apps/ directory.

Don’t forget to restart your LAMP server in the seedboxes interface for changes to take effect.

User Submitted - Philippe

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