FTP Clients and Setup Guides.

FTP Clients


Multi-threaded & Segmented FTP Downloading

Captain FTP: MAC OS X
CuteFTP Pro: Windows
aria2 FTP: Windows
SmartFTP Pro: Windows
Cyberduck: MAC OS X

Trouble Shooting FTP

Quick Troubleshooting Tips for FTP or SFTP

1: Make sure the Port, Password, Username (For SFTP the username is: _root_) and Domain you are using is correct, Check here />2: If the above does not work, and you are using FileZilla, remove the connection from connection manager and add it again.
3: Try installing a second Pure-FTPd applicaiton on your seedbox, *DO NOT* remove the troubled instance, this is to test there is no other errors with your box or FTP globally.
4: Last and only option is to holla at an admin


User Submitted - Zycore 

We've setup a chat system on one of our seedboxes so you can get status updates and hangout with other users and ourselves, feel free to ask anything and maybe the community will be able to provide further support.

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