CuteFTP Pro: Windows

Segmented Downloading

By default, CuteFTP Pro is already configured to allow for segmented downloads. Here’s how you can optimize CuteFTP to get even better speeds.

  1. Assuming you’ve already created a profile for your FTP server/connection in CuteFTP, right-click on the profile and select Properties.

  2. Click on the Options tab, and select "Use site specific option" - next, change the site max concurrent transfers to a value of 8.
  3. In the main CuteFTP window, go into Tools > Global Options… and click on the Connection tab. Change the default values (12 & 4) to something a little higher (we used 50 & 20).
  4. While still in the Global Options, click the Transfer tab. Change the value to "8" for the number of threads as shown below. Click OK to save the new settings.
  5. Now connect to your server - and once connected, right-click a file or folder you wish to download and select "Download Advanced > Multi-part download > MAX (8 parts)"

In the Queue Window at the bottom, click the " + " to expand the single file - you’ll notice there are 8 separate parts downloading simultaneously. Once all parts are complete, the temp files will automatically be deleted leaving you with just the single completed file.

TIP: If you find that these settings are too high and you’re unable to do little else with your Internet connection, then adjust or reduce the settings accordingly.

User Submitted - Zycore 

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