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A FTP downloader supports Segmented Downloading.

Why reinvent the wheel? There's so many free FTP clients already, e.g. FileZilla.

Well, most FTP clients including FileZilla don't support Segmented Downloading, which is too slow for large downloads.


Program UI


Download the latest version from the releases page. Available for Windows.

Command line support

Besides running it directly, the program also supports command line options:

  • --local {directory}: specify initial local directory
  • --ftp {address}: specify initial FTP address to connect



Segmented Downloading is implemented via aria2, "The next generation download utility". 
The packages in releases have included it. But for dev, you need to download aria2 binary by your own.


First, Clone or download the repo and navigate in console to the program's root folder.

And then install dependencies with npm or yarn.

$ npm install

And then get the aria2 binary, put the executable (naming aria2c*) into program's root folder/aria2, the same folder with aria2.conf.


Start the app in the dev environment.

$ npm run dev


To package for the local platform:

$ npm run package

User Submitted - Zycore 

We've setup a chat system on one of our seedboxes so you can get status updates and hangout with other users and ourselves, feel free to ask anything and maybe the community will be able to provide further support.

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